Mini Jockey
A horse riding product suitable for children.
Horse Traing Centre
GoGo Jockey (2P)
Horse competition with 2P
GoGo Jockey (4P)
GoGo Jockey (6P)
Customer Case 6 Horses Compertion
A combination of shooting and horse riding games
GoGo Jockey 1P
 Mini Jockey
Kids, let’s collect coins while riding horse!
GoGo Jockey (DOUBLE)
Motion Horse Racing,Link up 8 horses,Handle or Rein play control method, Good choice of healthy recreational!
GoGo Jockey(SINGLE)
Racing link up to 4 horses, Enjoy the different scenery in American and China!
Mini Jockey


Game Name:MINI Jockey 


Single Power:Max 1500W;AC220V/50HZ

Machine Features:

1. The horse racing equipment for parent-child pleasure.

2. Horse speed can be controlled by the little rider himself, and he will do whatever he wants.

3. Mini Horse Racing, colorful appearance,  children like them.