Mini Jockey
A horse riding product suitable for children.
Horse Traing Centre
GoGo Jockey (2P)
Horse competition with 2P
GoGo Jockey (4P)
GoGo Jockey (6P)
Customer Case 6 Horses Compertion
A combination of shooting and horse riding games
GoGo Jockey 1P
 Mini Jockey
Kids, let’s collect coins while riding horse!
GoGo Jockey (DOUBLE)
Motion Horse Racing,Link up 8 horses,Handle or Rein play control method, Good choice of healthy recreational!
GoGo Jockey(SINGLE)
Racing link up to 4 horses, Enjoy the different scenery in American and China!
Mini Jockey

Cabinet NameMini Jockey

Machine SizeL2700*W1060*H2100 (mm)

Horse SizeL1500*W1500*H1420 (mm)

Powerabout 750W; AC220V/50HZ

Weight: about 197 KGS


Game Features

1.MINI JOCKEY is a game suit for kids, it’s kids’ friend,

2.Game target is trying your best to collect more and more gold coins,

3.The reins will help players balance the directions and play the game well,

4.Cool and shinning outcase, it’s kids’ favorite.