Mini Jockey
A horse riding product suitable for children.
Horse Traing Centre
GoGo Jockey (2P)
Horse competition with 2P
GoGo Jockey (4P)
GoGo Jockey (6P)
Customer Case 6 Horses Compertion
GoGo Jockey 1P
GoGo Jockey (4P)

Machine Name: GoGo Jockey (4P)


Power:MAX 2000W,AC220V/50HZ


Game Features:

1. Give the game machine the re-production of real horses with highly realistic riding courses design;

2. The horse can run back and forth and cooperate with the playing video to do up and down movement, providing the players with a true simulation experience;

3. Players can choose multiplayer mode (which can give players a thrilling 8-person riding competition) or singleplayer mode.