Mini Jockey
A horse riding product suitable for children.
Horse Traing Centre
GoGo Jockey (2P)
Horse competition with 2P
GoGo Jockey (4P)
GoGo Jockey (6P)
Customer Case 6 Horses Compertion
A combination of shooting and horse riding games
GoGo Jockey 1P
 Mini Jockey
Kids, let’s collect coins while riding horse!
GoGo Jockey (DOUBLE)
Motion Horse Racing,Link up 8 horses,Handle or Rein play control method, Good choice of healthy recreational!
GoGo Jockey(SINGLE)
Racing link up to 4 horses, Enjoy the different scenery in American and China!
GoGo Jockey 1P

Machine Name: GoGo Jockey 1P
Machine Size: L3200 * W1500 * H2700 (mm) 
Power: MAX 2000W, AC220V/50HZ 
Monitor: 55 "PDF

Machine Features:
1. Horses to simulate a real horse 1:1 size; 
2. 3D large screen, realistic riding routes, vivid scene feeling; 
3. Horses before and after exercise in addition to sports, but also to meet the level of the video screen moves up and down, a more realistic sense of movement; 
4. Equestrian sport before training, simulated real horse jogging, running and horse sport horse appearing waves, hurdles, such as playing whip training; 
5. Overcome psychological barriers horse riding before, and strengthen courage; 
6. Analog equestrian training machine wild horse is the best helper before.

Best places for Horse Ride Trainning Machine:
indoor riding center, 
Outdoor horse riding,
fitness center,