KN&U Electronics Equipments Co., Ltd. is a company that focuses the manufacture, developments, distribution and integration of arcade gaming system. In August, 1995, KN&U Electronics Equipments Co. was established in Nanting, China. Due to rapid business developments, we decided to relocate it’s headquarter to Panyu District in Guangzhou. Our services include, but not limited to importing, distributing and manufacturing of arcade games, coins games , video games such like horse riding game series, battle series, fitness equipment series, and so on.

In KN&U Electronics Equipments Co., LTD., we strongly believe in the fundamental of a strong net work of service. We have established many firm partnerships within the well known Korean gaming industry. With the shared knowledge, KN&U Electronics Equipments Co., has a long history of providing tremendous contribution for the Chinese game industry. Our products, such as EZ2Dancer, GoGo Jockey....have well proven track records in the game industry.

In our relatively and exciting short history, we already have supported in the building and servicing for thousands game and entertainments. Our international customers include popular arcade operators located in United States, Philippines, Vietnam, Dubai and many others.

KN&U Electronics Equipments Co. has a team that shares the same beliefs of providing excellent customer service with strong teamwork and mutual trust. Most of our team members have abundant gaming industry experiences. Our management has prior technical leadership roles in large software development companies in the entertainments industry. We strongly believe the teams that we have assembled can provide the best solutions that suit your needs.

We have a simple mission statement in customer service. KN&U Electronics always approach the situation from your angle. We aim to provide superior quality and friendly service. To serve your needs around the clock, we have established and 24-hour hot-line help option. Our service engineers are all qualified to various technical problems that you may have regarding arcade machine units. Again our simple mission is to serve you need with you in mind.

The growth of KN&U can be attributed to the supports of our friends. Our friends have contributed the development our company. More importantly, your continuous trust has allowed us the chance to provide you our excellent services.

We sincerely wish for your future partnership. May us grow together into a bright and prosperous future.