Korean companies visit KN&U Electronic again
Category: Company Honor Date: 2009-05-19 Views: 1767

KN&U, which successfully distributed Korean dance games, has always had a close relationship with Korean firms. It has built co-operative relationships with several Korean game developers on diverse contents including game distribution and collaborative development.

Korea-based B&E TECH and FNZONE visited KN&U recently to discuss the joint development of new games. It was the 11th time that the two Korean companies visited KN&U. "We have been co-operating with them for many years and have a lot of correspondence. We have built great co-operative understanding and relations between us," General Manger Zhang Zheng-long said.

The new game jointly developed by KN&U and FNZONE is in the final phase of development. General Manager Zhang revealed that compared with the previous release of GO!GO! Jockey, the new game has more delicate graphics and more game content. Also, the linking of eight machines will be more exciting for players.

The new game made its debut at the CIAE 2009 (the 6th Guangzhou International Leisure Industry Exposition and the 5th China Guangzhou International Game & Amusement Exhibition) held at Guangzhou Pazhou Complex on March 10-12.